2020 Top 5 Countries That Produce Best Quality Weed

Regardless of whether, you are a regular user who is high throughout the day, or you are the sort who smokes before sleep time (or in bed). or you are just an “occasional” type, it’s a decent and ideal opportunity for you to explore a little about weed smoking and countries that produces best quality weed.

Here is the 2020 list of top 5 countries that produces best quality weed:

1. UNITED STATES in 2020:

According to international statistics and record, none of the strains of weed that are known for its superior quality in the U.S.A is in fact not grown there. American cultivators are still attempting to master the entire process of cultivating and harvesting the weed. There is a ton of backyard rubbish in the United States, which is sufficient for people who can’t afford to buy best quality weed. And yet, so much experimentation is going into developing new strategies for home grown weed. Specifically, with the legitimization and decriminalization. Mass production of weed in the U.S.A is arriving at new degrees of commitment and study.

2. AFGHANISTAN in 2020:

Even after endless wars in this specific country in Asia, they still manage to cultivate some incredible Marijuana and perhaps one of the best quality weed. Afghanistan is the only country that is widely believed to be the pioneer of exploring weed and Indica strains, a large variety of which are currently grown and benefited everywhere all over the world particularly in the United States. For example, anything with the name “Kush” in it, most likely originated from the war-torn country, Afghanistan. Kush gives an incredible blend of unwinding, quiet high alongside an extraordinary fragrance.

3. KAZAKHSTAN in 2020:

Kazakhstan is a famous land for growing a wide range of herb and most of them are used in spices. Also, has been devoured and appreciated by local people for centuries. Regardless of whether, it is the wild plant or a variation that has been changed biologically, Ganja produced in the remote southeast is broadly viewed as one of the best quality weed on the planet. They are pretty good in consolidating a decent high with some fine flavor. A portion of the world’s best strains and types of cannabis including Kazakh roots comes from this particular country.

4. NETHERLANDS in 2020:

The Netherlands is renowned for the vacationer business and cannabis utilization. All this happened when Netherland declared legalization of weed smoking and since become the first country to introduce Cannabis legalization bill. However, contrary to this fact, the authorities in this country, particularly around Amsterdam have stiffened the strings on such legalization and thus becoming a hurdle in the way of free weed smoking. The reason behind such strictness was the large number of tourists wandering in the streets after crossing the limit of allowed cannabis consumption. Today, weed is known as a popular and natural solution for many human problems especially diseases. Back to the subject, Netherland is also among the top listed countries in 2020, that produces best quality weed.  

5. AUSTRALIA in 2020:

Australia is the country that produce some nasty drug. A significant number of the most powerful strains in the United States ranging around the mid to high 20% regarding tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), are actually imported from Australia. A team of Australians were supposed (two or three years back) that they have been growing marijuana with around 40% THC. They cultivated some amazing bud they said. Also, the 40% assumption from back 2013 is still fairly open to question, the same number in the United States have contested for its credibility. After reading this you might be thinking of weed smoking in Australia.

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