Wedding Cake

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wedding cake strain

wedding cake strain

Wedding Crasher is a beautiful cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. By mixing the smooth vanilla flavors of Wedding Cake with the sweet grape notes of Purple Punch, Symbiotic has developed a mellow, earthy strain with sharp gassy highlights and a sweet berry finish.

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Wedding Cake Strain

wedding cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a rare phenotype created by Seed Junky Genetics when the breeder crossed a mother Triangle Kush with Animal Mints pollen. The L.A. based Jungle Boys named Wedding Cake because of its sparkling resin and vanilla cake frosting aroma.

It took home 1st prize for Best Hybrid Flower at the 2018 SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, among its many awards since origination.

Wedding Crasher is a beautiful cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. By mixing the smooth vanilla flavors of Wedding Cake with the sweet grape notes of Purple Punch, Symbiotic has developed a mellow, earthy strain with sharp gassy highlights and a sweet berry finish.

Wedding Cake is a uplifting indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its relaxing and euphoric effects. Wedding cake is rich and tangy with earthy and peppery flavors. According to breeder Seed Junky Genetics, Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a phenotype of Triangle Mints. This delectable treat of a strain should be enjoyed with a double dose of care due to its extremely high THC content.

Wedding Cake, sometimes known as Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake, is a strain that leans on some very popular genetics to yield a balanced high and a dynamic taste. It is a cross between sour hybrid Cherry Pie and the universally appealing Girl Scout Cookies. And although its flavor may vary depending on the phenotype, Wedding Cake doesn’t exactly taste like any traditional nuptial dessert most have ever tasted — instead, its profile is mostly sour and tangy with just a hint of creaminess. Increasingly popular for its well-rounded effects, Wedding Cake has both recreational and medical applications. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has founded flowers of this strain to have between 16 and a staggering 25% THC.

Wedding Cake is distinguished by its very large and colorful flowers. The chunky, globular nuggets adhere in a dense, indica-typical bud structure, with tightly curling leaves. The leaves themselves are an earthy green to brown. They are threaded through with orange hairs, which are actually pistils, meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants. A high concentration of trichomes gives this strain its high THC levels as well as an incredibly sticky texture. Wedding Cake’s buds are as aromatically striking as they are visually impressive. When properly cured, they smell vegetal: damp and mossy with just a hint of citrus. Hanging out underneath is a skunky funk that betrays the influence of grandparent strain OG Kush, while breaking up or grinding the buds gives off notes of spicy sandalwood. When combusted, Wedding Cake may be harsh, stinging smokers’ sinuses or throats with its acrid smoke. It tastes sweet and rich on the exhale, with a super subtle creamy mouthfeel that some might compare to the taste of might compare to cake.

This strain’s high starts relatively quickly, taking hold primarily in the head. Users may find their thoughts to be more fast-paced or intense, and may perceive their surroundings more acutely. In the right set and setting, this change in thinking is accompanied by feelings of giddiness or euphoria. Less than an hour into the high, Wedding Cake’s indica side kicks in. Smokers might feel increased warmth and a pleasant heaviness that spreads through the spine and limbs. Even in the midst of this sedation, though, cerebral stimulation continues, allowing users to feel uniquely “tuned in” to their surroundings. This holistic combination of mental and physical effects lends itself to complex activities like creating art, exercising, and even sex. As the high progresses, so does this strain’s body high — after a few bowls, smokers may find themselves couchlocked.

Wedding Cake may also be of use to medical cannabis patients. Its tendency to bring about feelings of perceptiveness can aid those with mild to moderate stress, anxiety, and depression, helping them feel more “in the moment.” Because this strain leaves users lucid and levelheaded, it can also help those with attention deficit disorders to focus on specific tasks. Wedding Cake’s gradual waves of physical relaxation can soothe both temporary and chronic aches and pains and, in high enough doses, can bring about relief for insomnia. Finally, it can be a potent appetite stimulant for those who have lost their hunger to disease, medication, or chemotherapy.

Whether it’s billed as Wedding Cake or Pink Cookies, seeds of this strain do not seem to be available for commercial sale. Prospective growers will need to obtain cuttings from mature plants in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” It is said to be a temperamental plant, and not the best choice for novice growers. Detailed information on Wedding Cake’s cultivation is not readily available, but, like many hybrids, it can be grown in controlled indoor conditions or outdoors in warm, humid climates with average temperatures in the 70-degree Fahrenheit range. We also know that parent strain Cherry Pie is particularly mold resistant, a characteristic that may carry over to some phenotypes of this strain. Wedding Cake offers growers a moderate yield for their efforts.

While some married couples indulge in a piece of their frozen wedding cake on a first anniversary, a few tokes of Wedding Cake would be just as satisfying. Rich and relaxing, it can stoke emotion and passion — and fortunately, it’s not such a knockout that it’ll prevent you from enjoying a little bit of intimacy.


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20 reviews for Wedding Cake

  1. Brigget Gams

    So to be ironic, some mellow fellows and I smoked some wedding cake before eating wedding cake at a wedding where the wedding guests were also eating wedding cake. What a glorious thing, wedding cake. Embrace the cliché, this is now my absolute favorite strain. How I ended up with a random wife, idk.

  2. Williams Dems

    I try different marijuana strains for a living, and let me just say, that this is by far the most, creative, relaxed. Definitely recommend trying this out!!

  3. Parka

    Very strong and trippy strain! Packed a bowl into my bong, thick and kinda tasty smoke…The high crept up on me while packing another bowl and after a few minutes of being spaced out I put the bong down lol. Super happy, feel good sativa high and a mellowed but not couchlocked body. Great for daytime!

  4. Vero Kims

    very strong and potent strain. heavy body high, and head high. Can also fall into an energetic state. great strain for sitting around in the house, or late night use. This strain is definitely not for beginners

  5. Robertson Song

    Oh My GOD, this is my first time taking Wedding cake; can’t lie to you, it makes me feel real good. Also it arrived next day and was exactly as described. Good stuff, Thanks A lot guys I appreciate

  6. WalesRi

    This is that weed that makes you so happy that it’s almost impossible to have a problem. This is definitely an uplifting smoke with a sense of irresistible sexual delite to follow but keep the chocolate close because that is a pit stop along the way

  7. Sanchtez August

    Wedding cake hit hard and even. it’s a great relaxant and it definitely brings on the giggles. I love this one for creativity, too.

  8. Fabril Fabs

    I really enjoy this strain. It’s great if you wanna get stoned but you also have shit to do. No couch-lock here.

  9. Becks Wembs

    I love this shit. Smoking this shit through a pipe will hurt but it leaves that sweet taste in your throat for at least two days. While in this strain I experienced mass relaxation and even to a point where my friend just passed the fuck out. Listening to music makes the experience ten times better as usual and god damn it gives me a sweet tooth. Have cherry pop tarts on deck for best food or watch The Eric Andre show or Reading Rainbow. I have no idea why but it’s fucking amazing.

  10. Roldolf Brent

    I had been asking about this strain for quite a while before I caved & bought a gram. I have severe anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain & depression, my anxiety is a huge issue in purchasing anything. My budtender told me that he could never form an opinion because it knocked him out! So I rolled one up & WOW😍☺️🤪🤤Great pain relief, no anxiety or paranoia at all, PTSD under control. Tried to watch a movie & dozed off into a wonderful sleep! No night terrors or sleep talking. Needless to say, I’ve purchased more (Curio Wellness in Maryland) & it’s in my top 3 favorites now. One thing about this strain (THC 25.6%), VERY stinky. I could smell it through a solid plastic container inside a closed bag so be aware of that! It’s just really good stuff, highly recommended. My score (0-10): 10

  11. Monica Simens

    This wedding cake !!!!!! Is a blessing from God himself. This is a great high. And if you have SEX on it be ready to get pregnant cause the juices will be flowing like a white water rafting river . This is a great high it puts you in a amazing mood . And you will just want to be touched. Like you’re on cloud 9 getting literally what ever you do it feels good doing it.

  12. Ange Neps

    So far the best strain I’ve smoked. I get anxious easy when I smoke weed and my adhd usually speeds up that problem. This is not how I feel when I smoke wedding cake. So far it has been a great help dealing with my stress and feels me feeling light, sparkly, and comfortable. I ack goofy and “geek”out when I smoke usually. but this weed makes me feel like I can slow down and articulate my ideas better. This isn’t going to be the best weed for those who want to experience a heavy head-high sativa, or those who are want to be sprawled on the floor relaxed off a heavy indica. But the two elements come together in a unforgettably smooth mixture.

  13. Veronica Sams

    This hybrid has an entirely indica based high, making you feel like passing out in seconds. It will make you feel like your on another planet, a planet with more gravitational pull making you feel heavy. The flavor is a sweet skunk taste with a little aftertaste hint of berry. unbelievably good 4.5/5

  14. Christ Zum

    I suffer from chronic pain from my neck to my tailbone as well as 2 reconstructive ankles, left knee replacement, and Combat PTSD, Kuwait/Iraq/Somalia War conflicts. This Hybrid works perfect for me in that it eases my chronic pain, muscle spasms, and mentally really puts me in a happy-go-lucky feeling. My insomnia is definitely gone and my appetite has stayed pretty steady in that I’m eating more on a regular basis. That is how it works “medically” for me! 😇

  15. Williams Spons

    Highly recommend wedding cake for its sweet, flowery, and it’s extremely relaxing high. All anxiety is soothed and happiness becomes intense after using BMR. Cannot go wrong with this heavily indica strain.

  16. Roiddy Shums

    Fucking amazing. Great head high and gets the sex drive going. Tastes like vanilla icing. Need I say more?!

  17. Xavier Tumbson

    Am I dead? WTF? Who’s house is this?? Why isn’t my mouth working!!!?” These are some of the things I was thinking while high on this nectar of the gods while sitting at home. I kept thinking I was melting into my leather recliner and had to keep pushing myself up to keep from falling but my arms weren’t working. I ended up grabbing my broom and layed it across my lap so the stick was laying over the arms where I wouldn’t fall through the chair. Kind of like holding onto a log while floating down the river. Also, I almost shit myself. This is a VERY strong strain. I suggest making sure you’re in a safe environment and/or with friends while doing it. You don’t want to do it if you have obligations later in the day, but maybe for a nightcap or weekend type thing? If you’re into strong strains, this is the gold.

  18. Kims Joe

    Smoked some flower from a dispensary that labeled this hybrid strain as “San Diego Girl Scout Cookies.” Super potent. Beware.


    I’ll admit that I’m new to the modern take on pot. The last time I smoked was in the 80’s. That being said, I LOVE the new versions. This was recommended to me by a friend and I love it. It definitely gives you that total body melted feeling. (like you could lay in one spot for hours and be fine). I also had that great relaxed brain feeling….reminds me of the old days! What was different was that it lasted forever (hours), no cotton mouth feeling, didn’t make me hungry, and the wear down was smooth. Sorry, I don’t know the new lingo for things! All in all, it did just what it says, TOTAL mind & body relaxation! Best sleep ever following smoking this.

  20. Dennisson

    I wrote about Wedding Cake a few months ago, but I just got a batch of Cake today from SCSA Dispensary, and its so damned good, it’s worth noting, and I don’t know about you, but each time I smoke a strain, grown by different breeders, they affect me differently. The men and women who grew this particular vintage produced truly 5 Star material, it’s exceptional in its strength and in its Sativa overtones, by way of its Durban Poison lineage. One of the smoothest smokes, it is quite sweet on exhale. It is Super Bowl Sunday, and my son and I just smoked a 1/2 joint approximately 20 minutes ago. The uplifting sativa influence has been tempered by the Girl Scout Cookies genetics, to make for a very pleasant atmosphere in my brain, from which I shall view the game with my son. He will be contributing his observations and internal workings, (or something like that), if he has anything that would differentiate from mine. The buds in this crop are between 1″-2″ diameter nuggets that are totally covered in white crystalline dust, so much so that I’d describe the buds as green/white, with not much of a strong odor, but man, are they visually appealing. The buds grind up very nicely, with the ground up matter glistening in the lamplight. It sure rolls up nice too. It’s been about 45 minutes since lightning up that doobie, and we both agree, this is some very fine marijuana. Score this as a 5/5.

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